I for one have always been interested in artificial intelligence and this particular experiment by Facebook thoroughly intrigues me. How we finally reached a point where computers are trying to learn versus complete oriented tasks. If so then let me be the first to let our computer overlords know we mean them no harm, don’t make me into a battery! 🙂 #AI #bots


I, myself, am a avid fan of my MacBook but even I know they are not as bulletproof as the hype leads us to believe. This hole has been around longer than OS X itself and that’s saying something. Even worse it’s active in the wild. So be extra vigilant my Macintosh brethern. And be safe out there. #apple #mac #malware


Once one of my favorite anti-virus programs, even with its hefty price, Kaspersky has been an outspoken member of the security community. Unfortunately this is a very bad “hole” to have exposed in my opinion especially since they said they will not be remediating this problem in future updates. Bad choice? I think so.


Microsoft plans to roll out the newest major patch for Windows 10 and with it have deprecated support for multiple legacy applications such as MS Paint and Outlook Express. Don’t fret though because while they are dropping support and development for the announced apps and features they will still be in this patch as of info know at this post. 

I for one will miss MS Paint the most. It’s been my hope to for years because of its utter simplicity. 


Wells Fargo is in another pickle but not because of a hack. This snafu came from the inside where they sent sensitive data containing 50,000 customers sensitive information to a former financial advisor. That is a 3 stooges level of screw up. Hopefully they get this screw-up fixed without letting this data get into the wild. 


While xsimplr IT is proudly hardware agnostic we recognize that we have to find you the best pricing for what you purchase. So we have signed up with multiple vendors as a authorized dealer for their equipment. 
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Unfortunately, this will likely affect schools and training facilities the most but be prepared to let those older Intel Baytrail Atom based processor computers go. Intel is dropping support and thus Microsoft is as well so these devices won’t get anymore updates!

Be prepared! Contact an IT consultant (like us of course) or your your IT department to see what their plan is. It’s worth the chat!