Uber has stated it will be discontinuing a surveillance mechanism in the app that tracking users of the ride hailing service for up to 5 minutes after the service ended. This is yet another bad practice that has gotten the already embattled company into hot water with consumers. #security #surveillance


Running in the same path that Cerber recently trailblazed by now stealing credentials and Bitcoin wallets, the newest version of Spora went out via a new phishing attack.

So watch out for emails with attachments and keep that Spyware / Anti-Virus software up to date.

#malware #security #internet


Samsung is again facing a new problem with updates causing havoc. A recent firmware update has bricked many TVs that have received the update and to date they have suffered a dead device for over a week now. While @Samsung has announced they are working on a fix but further communications as to progress have been nonexistent. #samsung #tv


A unknown hacker has claimed to have leaked to the wild the decryption key for Apple’s Secure Enclave which effectively breaks a current iOS security process. This further exposes iOS devices to direct attacks to steal data from devices.

While this doesn’t directly have a impact on or decrypt user data, it does decrypt SEP and TouchID data.

Worse yet Apple has no immediate plans to release a fix for this firmware vulnerability. #security #mobile #hacking #hardware #apple


Secret chips installed in your repaired device could be the next new frontier for thieves after your private information. And what’s worse is you will probably pay them to do it!

Researchers have been able to prove that not only would it be fairly easy for a “bad actor” to install a stealth chip into your device but it could be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to distinguish the chips apart.

The TL;DR is below. #security #mobile #hacking #hardware