A quick alert to all our awesome readers. The mass calling of robocallers are starting. A new fake call is coming from a scammer system claiming to be from CreditFix and are standing by to help you now!

Also if you don’t answer be ready for the text messages the time will come immediately following the robocall. Ignore them as well. Verifying your phone number and info is real is just as important to the scammers as stealing from you.

DON’T BELIEVE IT! Just hang up and ignore the texts. Never say the word “yes”, and put the number on your block list.

We @xsimplr_IT will be monitoring this new scam as closely as we and and will share what we learn with you as soon as possible.

Be safe out there friends and never divulge info to a unsolicited caller. It’s fake 99.999% of the time.

#Equifax #scams