While phishing scams targeting users claiming to be one of the big company’s is no new scam the realism that has gone into creating the emails has become much more convincing.  Couple that with companies conditioning users to feel comfortable with form emails from automated systems lowers the boundaries the individual may feel about their personal information.  This is exactly what the scammers are relying on you to allow.

So we thought we’d compile a list of best practices and information for you from the sites of the major technology companies and influencers.  While this is by no means an exhaustive list it will endeavor to be at least helpful in helping the novice to the intermediate user with the tools to detect these scams with confidence.

Phishing.org – 10 ways to avoid phishing scams (also a great site for general knowledge of this scam and it’s impact)

Apple – Avoid phishing emails, fake ‘virus’ alerts, phony support calls, and other scams

Microsoft – How to recognize phishing email messages, links, or phone calls

sec.gov – “Phishing” Fraud: How to Avoid Getting Fried by Phony Phisermen

US-CERT – Recognizing and Avoiding Email Scams (PDF)

Comodo – Don’t Get Caught in the Phish Net

DigitalGuardian.com – What is Spear-phishing? Defining and Differentiating Spear-phishing from Phishing


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