Hackers have come up with a different method of installing vulnerable backdoored plugins in websites powered by WordPress. The technique relies on taking advantage of weak WordPress.com accounts and the JetPack Plugin. The technique is highly complex to compromise a website and a hacker must utilize multiple steps to attack a WordPress website. The attacks started on May 16 from a report released by WordPress Security Firm WordFence…


Not even a full week since iOS 11 was released and Apple has already begin to be embroiled in a new issue. Users have found that if you search for the term Brazier among your photos it will find all pictures of your cleavage shots. Of course many women are already concerned with this one as once the search term is used a special folder containing all of these pictures are now created on their phone. While this is a feature Apple may back away from some of these search term features in lieu of it becoming a hackers target.


Wells Fargo is in another pickle but not because of a hack. This snafu came from the inside where they sent sensitive data containing 50,000 customers sensitive information to a former financial advisor. That is a 3 stooges level of screw up. Hopefully they get this screw-up fixed without letting this data get into the wild.