Desktop / PC Repair & Management

Transform your infrastructure

No matter if you have just one PC or you have thousands you need to keep your systems working and UP!  Proper management will ensure you keep working day in and day out.  Our remote access and management tool is provided to you free of charge



By using a industry leading Information Technology Service Management Platform in Comodo One we ensure the up time and rapid response times to service requests.   With this powerful tool we can cover your entire environment with no additional software investment!




Managed Deployments and Hardware Lifecycle

Spend less time concerned with your next hardware upgrade and more time managing your business.

Proactive Monitoring

Know about problems before they become problems.  Proactive monitoring through our automated ITSM platform allows us to ensure you stay up and operational whenever your business calls for it!


Patch Management to Business Continuity 

If you want us to ensure your handful of computers are current or you have security concerns with HIPAA or SOX we can help you.   Whatever your need we can help you find a solution that fits.