Not even a full week since iOS 11 was released and Apple has already begin to be embroiled in a new issue. Users have found that if you search for the term Brazier among your photos it will find all pictures of your cleavage shots. Of course many women are already concerned with this one as once the search term is used a special folder containing all of these pictures are now created on their phone. While this is a feature Apple may back away from some of these search term features in lieu of it becoming a hackers target.

iTerm2 which is a popular replacement terminal app for OSX leaks everything you hover your mouse over via DNS requests. Why you may ask? Well in an attempt to be a “better app” iTerm2 will take any string you place your mouse cursor over and will do a DNS lookup on the text string. While sounding like a great idea this passes ANYTHING you Hover over to DNS. This includes anything that a user may have on screen such as usernames, passwords, and other sensitive information. All going to DNS servers as a request and typically unencrypted.

This behavior is a huge privacy issue as many users have no idea that they are opening themselves to yet another vulnerability that is super simple to intercept.

So for users of iTerm2 it is advised you upgrade asap to the latest version that just released today that turns this feature off which was set to on by default.

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On the heels of Apple’s big “Look at our new stuff” show comes the news that a flaw in iOS dubbed Leaky reported in February remains unpatched by both Microsoft and Apple.

Sad part is that Microsoft doesn’t consider this flaw to be a serious issue and Apple only said that this issue should be addressed in iOS 11, to the dismay of everyone that can not upgrade to latest version.

Technical explanation and TL;DR below.

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In an impressive move Apple is quietly adding a new feature to iOS they are calling SOS mode where you can press your home button 5 times to automatically disable the fingerprint reader requiring a pass code to unlock the phone. A simple and elegant solution for privacy!

(As a note. It is not legal for the authorities to demand your passwords or force you to unlock your devices. But it is completely legal for the to use your fingerprint to do the same.)

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I, myself, am a avid fan of my MacBook but even I know they are not as bulletproof as the hype leads us to believe. This hole has been around longer than OS X itself and that’s saying something. Even worse it’s active in the wild. So be extra vigilant my Macintosh brethern. And be safe out there. #apple #mac #malware